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Batteries Charger Company is a UK-based company whose core business is the manufacture of batteries and battery chargers intended for use in a range of mobility aid products. While our products are used by a diverse clientele base, one of our most prominent clients is Portashopper.

batteryPortashopper is an innovative company that seeks to smash all mobility barriers and allows individuals to live their lives to the fullest. At Batteries Charger Company, we thrive on technology and innovation, and partnering with Portsahopper has continually allowed us to take on new challenges.

One of the projects we undertook recently involved the manufacture of the batteries intended for use in the unique Portawheel Power Assist. This is a reliable add-on that effortlessly transforms an otherwise standard manual wheelchair to a motorized one. To do this effectively, the Power Assist uses a powerful Li-ion battery, with the availability of an equally powerful charger. This way, users can easily manage their travel range particularly over long distances.

Another popular Portashopper product that makes use of our products is the Portashopper-2, a lightweight model is intended for users who are constantly on the go. Portashopper-2 uses a Li-ion Phosphate battery that powers 10Ah, making it a reliable product altogether.

Portashopper-3 on the other hand, uses a 9Ah battery, with the option of choosing from the following: 7Ah, 14Ah and 21Ah depending on one’s needs. Portashopper products are typically sold together with the battery charger, but should one require an extra charger, these are available from Batteries Charger Company. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Factors that Affect Battery Discharge in Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Use

Typically, a lightweight electric wheelchair will last a couple of hours on a fully charged battery. While it is not possible to give concrete figures on the number of hours, most products available in the market last several hours. The number of hours will also affect the travel range of a particular electric wheelchair. For this reason, it is important for different users to establish the number of hours that their mobility aid gets to serve them before needing recharge.

Factors that Affect Battery Discharge in Lightweight Electric Wheelchair UseThis is, as is expected, influenced by a number of factors. The type of battery for instance, determines how long the charge will last. Sealed lead acid batteries offer better capacity, and are included in modern designs. The age of the batteries also determines just how much charge will last for a given period of time. Depending on how often one uses the lightweight electric wheelchair, most batteries that are just about two years may need to be replaced with new batteries for better services.

Another factor that must be put into consideration when finding out just how long a fully charged battery will power a lightweight electric wheelchair is the terrain. Rough terrain in the outdoors drains battery charge faster than when the wheelchair is used indoors. Lastly, the user’s weight will also impact the amount of charge used with plus size individuals using more battery power. Understanding the interplay of these factors enables users better plan their schedules or find alternatives such as extra batteries.

Here’s How to Ensure Optimal Functioning of your Portable Electric Wheelchair Batteries

Portable electric wheelchairs have provided amazing mobility solutions for physically challenged persons across the world. This is because they not only allow freedom and independence, they are also easy to travel with from one place to another. Electric wheelchairs globally are powered by batteries which, as any other device needs, have to be charged on a regular basis. Sometimes, regular charging is not possible for a myriad of reasons. It could be that the user has fully healed from their condition, or that they got a better mobility aid. Whichever the case, it is important to take measures to prevent the batteries from getting damaged over a long period of time.

Portable Electric Wheelchair BatteriesThe perfect accessory for this is a maintenance charger for your portable electric wheelchair. This charger is designed to sustain the battery’s capacity at a suitable voltage for an extended period of time. Innovation has allowed companies that manufacture mobility aid batteries to manufacture mobility chargers that function this way. A number of mobility chargers available in the market work by charging the batteries to full capacity, after which the current is stopped to discontinue charging.

The other alternative that clients can take up to ensure optimal functioning of their batteries is to make use of low power maintenance chargers. These are easily available at different stores that sell mobility aid products and accessories. The maintenance chargers work perfectly well for individuals who hire out their portable electric wheelchair irregularly, and may need storage period.

Tips for Maintaining the Batteries of your Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Using a lightweight electric wheelchair is one of the ways in which physically challenged persons are able to get around with remarkable ease. As is expected, all electric wheelchairs are powered by portable batteries, and the lightweight electric one is no exception. The beauty about it is that the battery is recharged when the need arises. What’s more, individuals could always purchase more than one battery to increase their travel range (depending on their needs). To enjoy battery longevity in wheelchair use, it is important to ensure that proper maintenance is carried out.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair BatteryOne of the ways in which you can maintain the batteries of your lightweight electric wheelchair is to ensure constant charging, even when the wheelchair is not in use. The simple reason for this is that batteries will self-discharge over a long period of time. The user guide available on purchase of the wheelchair will indicate the number of hours required for maximum charge. Make sure you follow the instructions indicated because this not only ensures optimal performance, it also allows you to maintain the batteries in excellent condition.

Overcharging is a practice that is highly discouraged as this tends to damage the battery’s functionality very quickly. As a general guide, most clients find it practical to charge their lightweight electric wheelchairs battery at the end of the day or when they are certain they will not need to use the mobility aid again for a given period of time. Whichever the case, make sure that the battery is charged regularly.

Take Advantage Of The Easiest Folding Electric Wheelchair, The Portashopper-3

Hailed as the easiest folding electric wheelchair globally, the Portashopper-3 is an incredible product that embraces modern technology and functionality to make mobility easy for users worldwide. As one of the latest models, it is easy to see why this folding electric wheelchair would strike a chord with users globally. At the time of its launch, the wheelchair was on offer alongside an additional battery for a pre-determined number of buyers. This allowed individuals to enjoy the benefits of a powerful motor charged by the battery, in effect increasing the travel range.

portashopper3It is important, however, to mention that even after the offer is long gone, users will still be able to enjoy these benefits, and here’s why. The Portashopper-3 comes along with three choices of batteries: type 1, 2 or 3, all Lithium in nature. The three types of batteries are distinguished by their capacities as follows: 7Ah, 14Ah and 21Ah respectively.

The difference in battery capacities is a key determinant in the travel range of the wheelchair, but it is also important to note that the battery discharge is influenced by the external terrain. The outdoors, typically, lead to greater battery discharge compared to indoor use.

Depending on one’s needs, there is always the option of purchasing an extra battery. This is especially important for users who are constantly on the move. With the benefits of having a foldable electric wheelchair, Portashopper clients enjoy the perks of optimal batteries and associated products from Batteries Charger Company. For more information, please visit the official product page: Portashopper 3

Find Out What Powers The Super Lightweight Portashopper-2 Wheelchair

Currently looking for an electric wheelchair that effortlessly blends portability with functionality? Then you will be enthralled to learn more about the Portashopper-2 wheelchair. This is one of the best products from Portashopper, one that affords users mobility with so much ease. The design of Portashopper-2 allows users to quickly detach the rear wheels before hauling the wheelchair into the car. This incredible technology has seen the overall weight of this electric wheelchair drop from 42lbs to just about 26lbs.

portashopper2These remarkable features make the Portashopper-2 a must-have for any wheelchair user who embraces freedom and independent to go where they would like. That is not all because the battery pack included in this set of wheelchair and accessories has a capacity of 10Ah. What’s more, the Li-ion Phosphate battery has impressive specs in its output capacity; 24V DC.

The battery charger available at the time of purchase also has the following specs: input AC 100V-240V (1.8A), output DC 29.2V-2A. It is important to have this information at hand when purchasing any wheelchair or shopping for battery chargers. This not only helps one make the right choice, it also comes in handy when looking for a charging port in different countries.

The best thing about batteries and chargers available from Batteries Charger Company is that they may also be bought as stand-alone products. Batteries Charger Company takes great pride in working closely with Portashopper for the good of wheelchair users across the globe, smashing mobility barriers together. For more information, please visit the official product page: Portashopper 2

The Power Behind The Premium Portashopper Grand Portable Electric Wheelchair

The premium Portashopper Grand portable electric wheelchair is one of the most unique products from the Portashopper brand. This is because these products have addressed a niche that, for a long time, has remained untapped by different players in the industry; that of plus size individuals. For a long time, plus size individuals had to resort to customizing their mobility aid products to suit them as well as comfortably cater for their weight. Portashopper saw a gap in this field and chose to seize the opportunity by manufacturing a wheelchair suited for these individuals.

portashopper grandThe Portashopper grand portable electric wheelchair is designed to offer comfort for individuals who weigh up to 135 kgs. The wheelchair’s design is such that it is possible to carry it from one location to another, while ensuring proper functionality for the user. This is aided by other features such as powerful gear motors, all-terrain casters (found at the front of the wheelchair) and spring suspensions.

At the time of purchase, the grand portable electric wheelchair comes along with a single battery pack. The pack contains a polymer Lithium Ion battery, one of the best choices as far as battery types for mobility aids are concerned. The weight of the battery pack is just 2.8 lbs, which works to ensure the portability of the wheelchair.

It goes without saying that the choice of battery pack for any mobility aid product influences the power and functionality of the given product. You can never go wrong with products from Batteries Charger Company. For more information about the product, please visit the official page: Portashopper Grand Portable Electric Wheelchair

Power Up Your Mobility With The Portawheel Power Assist For Manual Wheelchair

For many people, the use of a standard manual wheelchair comes with its own set of challenges. One of the major drawbacks of this wheelchair is that often, it necessitates expending lots of manual energy. For individuals with physical challenges in their upper limbs, this becomes an insurmountable challenge. This is why the introduction of the Portawheel Power Assist by Portashopper offers amazing options. Just as the name suggests, this is a wheel whose design is intended to transform the manual wheelchair to a powered one.

Portawheel Power AssistThis is made possible by an external source of power: the battery pack that is packaged along with the Portawheel Power Assist at the time of purchase. As one of the flagship products following the partnership between Portashopper and Batteries Charger Company, we have made effort to provide options for our esteemed clients.

One gets to choose between the 680W Portawheel and the 380W Portawheel. The former is powered by a dynamic Li-ion Battery whose specs include 11Ah and minimal weight of 4.5kgs. The 380W Portawheel on the other hand is powered by a dynamic Li-ion battery whose specs are 5.6Ah (half of the 680W Portawheel) and weighs just 2.5kgs.

The choice of batteries in this product means that it is easy for our clients to select what works best for them. It is important to note too, that the weight of the battery contributes to the overall weight of both the Portawheel as well as the standard-turned-motorized wheelchair. For more information, please visit the official product page: Portawheel Power Assist for Manual Wheelchair

Wheelchairs – Leading A Self-Reliant Lifestyle

An equipment produced to give assistance to elderly people, and those with difficulties in moving are called wheelchairs. Wheelchairs give freedom to move for those who need it, which could give them access to the community and reach out to the people around them.

There are several kinds of wheelchairs you can find in the market like the manual, power, and electric wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are wheelchairs that have to be propelled manually by hand, whereas electric wheelchairs rely on motors for motion. Manual wheelchairs are cheaper than electric wheelchairs because of their simpler functions. They can also be easily folded and stored in smaller areas such as in the trunk of vehicles.

kinds of wheelchairsWith electric wheelchairs, these are more convenient to use independently. The electric wheelchairs have greater maneuverability and a better suspension system that absorbs the bumps the wheels travel over. Have a test drive of an electric wheelchair first before you decide on buying this kind of wheelchairs. The fact that there are several physical conditions of a certain user, consider choosing an electric wheelchair with the right control system that well suits the user’s condition. The user can even customize the electric wheelchair to fit his or her physical need.

Wheelchair users usually need their wheelchairs to be easily accessible, comfortable, and versatile to use. Then there’s power wheelchairs, which make the lives of the people who need it totally changed a lot. Power wheelchairs give aid to the user to have the freedom to have access to the community without the need of anybody’s assistance. These power wheelchairs suit for individuals with disabilities in their upper extremities, that could be hard for them if they would opt for manual wheelchairs. Through the use of a joystick, the user can maneuver power wheelchairs, and can also control other functions like reclining and tilting, leg and seat elevation, and many more.

There are more to changing locations when using wheelchairs, such as in sports including basketball, tennis, skiing, and downhill racing. These kind of wheelchairs intended for sports are already customized from the wheels, speed and agility.

Wheelchairs are available in different sizes, shapes, colors etc. depending on personal preference. There are accessories available in the market that gives more convenience to the users such as lifts, ramps, and vans.

No matter what kind of wheelchairs and accessories that will be utilized, the user must also take safety precautions to follow.

Choosing the Right Wheel Chair Accessories and Equipment

Equipment are usually better improved with the accessories that come along with them. Accessories will not just improve the features of an equipment but also improve its appearance, ease of use, and convenience that it could give to its user. Wheel chair accessories are also available for wheelchairs and can make life much easier for the disabled individuals confined to their wheelchairs. These accessories range from simple necessities such as gloves for maneuvering manual wheel chairs to a desk under which a wheel chair can roll for easy use. A person will find that this little thing can actually make a difference.

It is also possible to customize the wheel chair accessories that the user needs depending on their needs. Like for right or left handed users, a useful wheel chair accessory is the over chair table which can be adjusted for right or left handed users and raises up and down with just one hand. They could use this accessory allowing them to roll up the wheel chair, the same with the conventional desk. This wheel chair accessory is very light with large wheels making it very easy to move for the user by themselves.

wheel chair accessoriesYou can also find another useful wheel chair accessory like a small bag that can be attached on the sides of the wheel chair which you can place your things such as magazines, remotes, or any valuable things. There is also a cup holder that you can add to your wheel chair accessory for your drinks which makes you feel convenient in maneuvering your wheel chair around the house. Since access to certain things is very important in routines of everyday living, this wheel chair accessory would definitely improve a disabled persons quality of life by tending to the specific need of the user.

Another wheel chair accessory that is good for minor adjustments in the wheelchair based on what the user wants to achieve the comfort they could get is the small tool kit in a roll up pouch which you can also attach in the wheel chair. This small tool kit is hassle-free when you might want to adjust the wheel chair, without looking for the proper tool around the house, since it is very handy that you can bring and attach in the wheel chair. Only minor adjustments can be made with this small tool kit, but all major repairs and adjustments shall be performed by someone who is an expert in wheel chair.

Since wheel chair accessories come in various shapes, kinds, and sizes, much of the user’s personal preferences can be catered to. Even if the user is frequently using the wheel chair or not, there are always available accessories that will make its use convenient and easy.

For individuals using a wheel chair that wants to go shopping alone, there is an available carrying totes which will be attached at the back of the wheel chair where they could put their items.

A strap-on arm tote can attach to the outside of the arm and hold a variety of small items ready for use when needed. This accessory have various designs and sizes which you can store your items into it.