Wheelchairs – Leading A Self-Reliant Lifestyle

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An equipment produced to give assistance to elderly people, and those with difficulties in moving are called wheelchairs. Wheelchairs give freedom to move for those who need it, which could give them access to the community and reach out to the people around them.

There are several kinds of wheelchairs you can find in the market like the manual, power, and electric wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are wheelchairs that have to be propelled manually by hand, whereas electric wheelchairs rely on motors for motion. Manual wheelchairs are cheaper than electric wheelchairs because of their simpler functions. They can also be easily folded and stored in smaller areas such as in the trunk of vehicles.

kinds of wheelchairsWith electric wheelchairs, these are more convenient to use independently. The electric wheelchairs have greater maneuverability and a better suspension system that absorbs the bumps the wheels travel over. Have a test drive of an electric wheelchair first before you decide on buying this kind of wheelchairs. The fact that there are several physical conditions of a certain user, consider choosing an electric wheelchair with the right control system that well suits the user’s condition. The user can even customize the electric wheelchair to fit his or her physical need.

Wheelchair users usually need their wheelchairs to be easily accessible, comfortable, and versatile to use. Then there’s power wheelchairs, which make the lives of the people who need it totally changed a lot. Power wheelchairs give aid to the user to have the freedom to have access to the community without the need of anybody’s assistance. These power wheelchairs suit for individuals with disabilities in their upper extremities, that could be hard for them if they would opt for manual wheelchairs. Through the use of a joystick, the user can maneuver power wheelchairs, and can also control other functions like reclining and tilting, leg and seat elevation, and many more.

There are more to changing locations when using wheelchairs, such as in sports including basketball, tennis, skiing, and downhill racing. These kind of wheelchairs intended for sports are already customized from the wheels, speed and agility.

Wheelchairs are available in different sizes, shapes, colors etc. depending on personal preference. There are accessories available in the market that gives more convenience to the users such as lifts, ramps, and vans.

No matter what kind of wheelchairs and accessories that will be utilized, the user must also take safety precautions to follow.

Choosing the Right Wheel Chair Accessories and Equipment

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Equipment are usually better improved with the accessories that come along with them. Accessories will not just improve the features of an equipment but also improve its appearance, ease of use, and convenience that it could give to its user. Wheel chair accessories are also available for wheelchairs and can make life much easier for the disabled individuals confined to their wheelchairs. These accessories range from simple necessities such as gloves for maneuvering manual wheel chairs to a desk under which a wheel chair can roll for easy use. A person will find that this little thing can actually make a difference.

It is also possible to customize the wheel chair accessories that the user needs depending on their needs. Like for right or left handed users, a useful wheel chair accessory is the over chair table which can be adjusted for right or left handed users and raises up and down with just one hand. They could use this accessory allowing them to roll up the wheel chair, the same with the conventional desk. This wheel chair accessory is very light with large wheels making it very easy to move for the user by themselves.

wheel chair accessoriesYou can also find another useful wheel chair accessory like a small bag that can be attached on the sides of the wheel chair which you can place your things such as magazines, remotes, or any valuable things. There is also a cup holder that you can add to your wheel chair accessory for your drinks which makes you feel convenient in maneuvering your wheel chair around the house. Since access to certain things is very important in routines of everyday living, this wheel chair accessory would definitely improve a disabled persons quality of life by tending to the specific need of the user.

Another wheel chair accessory that is good for minor adjustments in the wheelchair based on what the user wants to achieve the comfort they could get is the small tool kit in a roll up pouch which you can also attach in the wheel chair. This small tool kit is hassle-free when you might want to adjust the wheel chair, without looking for the proper tool around the house, since it is very handy that you can bring and attach in the wheel chair. Only minor adjustments can be made with this small tool kit, but all major repairs and adjustments shall be performed by someone who is an expert in wheel chair.

Since wheel chair accessories come in various shapes, kinds, and sizes, much of the user’s personal preferences can be catered to. Even if the user is frequently using the wheel chair or not, there are always available accessories that will make its use convenient and easy.

For individuals using a wheel chair that wants to go shopping alone, there is an available carrying totes which will be attached at the back of the wheel chair where they could put their items.

A strap-on arm tote can attach to the outside of the arm and hold a variety of small items ready for use when needed. This accessory have various designs and sizes which you can store your items into it.

A Motorized Wheelchair – The Key to Increased Mobility

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Motorized wheelchair is being used by disabled persons, and other individuals with problems on their weight and illness. This type of wheelchair is intended for those who have weak upper extremities that could not maneuver a manual wheelchair.

Thank you to the people who invented this kind of wheelchair. This motorized wheelchair gives help to those individuals who need this kind of wheelchair. People who have problems in their upper extremities can now move anywhere they want because of this motorized wheelchair.

However, motorized wheelchair is pricey than the other types of wheelchair. Motorized wheelchair comes with various brands and features, too. It has lots of features which can help disabled person move from one place to another without someone pushing them. This wheelchair can also be utilized even in outdoor use.

The height of this motorized wheelchair can be adjusted depending on the preference of the user, as well as the angle footplate. A motorized wheelchair have four power wheels, comfortable seat, and adjustable arms. It comes in different sizes, and with warranty when purchasing this type of wheelchair.

Prior to buying your own motorized wheelchair, you must have an idea on what type of wheelchair you need. One of the most important points to consider in buying a wheelchair is the comfort it could provide to the user. Go for a window shopping first, looking for the right wheelchair you can find in the malls, based on the features you need, and it should be budget-friendly, too.

Though this type of wheelchair has lots to offer to the user, it has its downside which is contributing to the weakening of the muscles if the user don’t have regular exercise. Another downside of a motorized wheelchair is that its weight, which could hardly be transported because it’s heavy.

A motorized wheelchair is beneficial because it is widely improved with our technology today, and it has a control program. You can go to one place to other because it is motorized. The seat is comfortable to sit on and easy to control while in the manual wheelchair, you need to put some cushion to elevate the user.

Try to shop around and see the different motorized wheelchair with different brand and different features and compare the prices. If ever you have no time to shop around, you can have your shopping online through the internet. This way, you can have all the time looking for the best motorized wheelchair at your own convenience. You don’t need to be in a hurry since its traffic free.

Browsing through the internet is a lot easier and convenient to look for the best wheelchair you want to purchase. The internet is on 24/7, and you can even save gas, energy, and time shopping online. You can even ask for the opinion of your family members and friends on which wheelchair is better for you.

You don’t need to worry because there are lots of websites to choose from, so take your time in looking for the right motorized wheelchair. Also, remember to ask for your physician’s approval before purchasing a wheelchair.

Gather as much information you need before purchasing the motorized wheelchair you need.

The advantages of a Folding Wheelchair

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If you are intending to acquire a wheelchair, there are numerous designs you’ll find in the market, and a folding wheelchair is one of the common types. This is basically the popular choice of most handicapped athletes to use in competitions as it is often practical, convenient and handy. This type of wheelchair is functional and relaxing. Moreover it offers the user a freedom to move and have an effortless access in the community. If you have ever checked out the complete specifics of a folding wheelchair, you were perhaps amazed at the difficulty of its parts.

The same with other types of wheelchair, a folding wheelchair can also go through an impressive usage and perhaps may damage over time. The advantage of folding wheelchairs however is the fact that they’re not manufactured as rigidly as typical wheelchairs. Therefore when something breaks down, wheelchairs are usually easier to repair.

In comparison to regular wheelchairs, a folding wheelchair is more portable to carry and transport. A folding wheelchair is very easy to transport using a vehicle because it can be folded and can be placed in the trunk of your car. Compared to a standard wheelchair, you’ll still need a wheelchair lift or ramp to put the wheelchair in the vehicle and could only fit into a even bigger vehicles like vans.

Moreover, it is definitely a hassle-free when transporting a folding wheelchair.

Whenever you are not using your wheelchair, you may fold it and store it away. One more advantage of a folding wheelchair is that it is suitable for people who do not have a lot of upper body strength. This is what makes a folding wheelchair very convenient for handicapped individual because it does not require a lot of upper body strength, and very easy to control and maneuver.

A person who knows a lot about wheelchairs is most probably going to recommend you to get a folding wheelchair with a vertical x-frame. This type of wheelchair has a thin, very compact structure. The structure makes it more portable and easier to transport and store compared to other types of wheelchairs.

Yet, this type of wheelchair having a vertical x-frame also have a stability issue according to American Medical Association. The x-frame is designed to be folded side to side, right down its middle, instead of being folded forward. This aspect of the wheelchair reduces the hardness whenever it is opened. And because of these further study, lots of wheelchair manufacturers removed the vertical x-frames from their products. Despite the issue on the x-frames, it is still popular up to these days because of its simple design and durability.

Hopefully you or your loved ones will never need to use a wheelchair. But if unwanted events occur and you need to use one, opting for a folding wheelchair is definitely a smart choice.